Small and medium sized enterprises are the driving force behind the Australian economy. Yet, these SMEs are so often left vulnerable by rising operational costs and an increasingly competitive market.

Laserfast’s printer repair service is designed to help SMEs avoid expensive downtime and to keep their machines – and, consequently, their business – on the road for longer.

Think of what we provide as a regular check-up, repair and maintenance service. We ensure that your printer fleet is running at maximum efficiency and that you avoid unnecessarily expensive repairs by identifying problems early. With our assistance, achieving the highest print quality – again and again – is no trouble.

In addition to this, we keep you supplied with the toner you need, when you need it. No one wants to be caught out by a sudden dip in supply. We will work with you to monitor levels and to keep you stocked up across your whole printer fleet.

We can even extend this monitoring as part of our managed print services, in which we examine the operation and capability of your existing equipment and set about developing a winning solutions which will save you money while increasing flexibility and reach.

In short, we can revolutionise your approach to printing and document output, and save you a lot of money in the process.