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CloudFAST:Exchange Trial Offer

CloudFAST:Exchange 30-day Trial Offer

The CloudFAST:Exchange 30-Day Trial applies for new accounts on the CloudFAST:Exchange platform. The 30-Day Trial is not a discount. Instead, it is an option for accounts that are less than 30 days old to terminate service or subscription without incurring early termination charges and with a refund of service fees.

If you wish to exercise the out clause of the 30-Day Trial option and receive a refund of your service fees, your must notify the CloudFAST account management team in writing or by email, and it must be received no longer than 28 days into the Trial. You will receive an acknowledgement email within 24hrs of you submitting your notification.

The following exclusion will apply to the 30-Day Trial option

  • Any initial setup fees and migration fees are non-refundable.
  • Blackberry, or ActiveSync fees Exchange add-on features including additional disk space, archiving, Fax via Email, Skype for Business, e-mailEncryption, PC & Outlook Back-up and SharePoint.
  • Dedicated Exchange hosting solutions.